Interior Painting Ideas and Tips For Your House Painting Project

These ideas may seem the easiest and safest bet to add color and bring in that new feel in a newly built home. But it is the pattern that packs in quite a personality punch. Drapes that have great floral or graphics, oversized flowers in your living room or large piece of art on one wall, for instance, let people know that they are entering a space that’s unafraid of style. These could be made bold with your style, and you can create patterns that make conversation pieces. Build on a bold base. A crisply patterned rug establishes a modern contemporary tone. You could use a color palette that complements the decor of your living space.

When thinking on Interior Painting, think Big. Select a signature color, either in prominent blends, single or multiple colors and go with a large overall motif. Use it prominently in one room .Add other colors throughout to echo the main motif in color and pattern. Go graphic. Bold large scale geometric pictures on the wall have a natural tendency towards contemporary living. Use them to add visual architecture to a plain space. While deciding on the ideas, Add splashes of color. White and off white is nice, but walls without colors appear washed out. Instead of covering your walls with paint, try and use a vibrant floral paper to make a wall come alive; use it on the wall and see the impact. If you must use the paint, use two complementing shades to cover half of your wall, and see the difference it makes.

Finally, let colors unify and complement one another in your interior painting ideas. The key to intermingling multiple floral plus graphic checks in one space is to select patterns that share a common palette